Ruining Traditions

Black Friday: Ruining Traditions One Year At A Time

So I’m highly annoyed by the Black Friday deals this year. Walmart isn’t closing it’s doors meaning if you planned to get movies for those on your gift list you have to be at Walmart before 10pm on Thanksgiving to get anything good.

How is this ruining traditions? Well, I don’t know about you but in my family we get up at 3am and drive over to stand in line or walk into Walmart so we can shop. We hit all the stores we can in our rural area before breaking for breakfast. I know many who go out and get to sit down and take a load off together. Just spending the time as woman shopping is a fun experience (for us).

But this year because of the stores being opened, no one wants to do this. If they go on Thanksgiving they don’t want to stay or to go the next day. If they go the next day it seems pointless because so much of the deals will be completely picked over.

Then there is woman with children. Who watches these kids when they are out shopping for said kids? My cousin wishes her husband could do it but being a firefighter he won’t be home. And what about the single parents? Over night or all night is a little tougher to manage then be here at 3am so I can leave and I’ll be back by noon to relieve you.

Plus none of these woman are going to want to go out Thursday night and then go home and then go out again on Friday morning. This is pointless. Also, think about where your stores are located. For those of us driving 16 miles out of the way, it is not an easy trip. Why mess with us like this?

I believe it is ploy to get more money and boost sales. Black Friday makes a store, but will it hinder them if people are out of the store before or by midnight and feel they can now go home and sleep until noon?

Black Friday is on Friday not Thursday. Change it back. I would like to get a couple hours sleep on Thursday night.



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