Corn Pudding

Corn Pudding

prep time: 20 min.
total time: 80 min.
servings: 8

1 11 oz. can corn, drained
2 eggs – Separated
1/2 c. Sugar
1 tbsp. Flour
1 c. cream or 1/2 and 1/2
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 tbsp. Butter

1) Mix Sugar Flour and Salt
2) In separate bowl beat egg yolks until light.
3) Mix Yolks with sugar mixture
4) Beat egg whited until stiff
5) Add Corn, Cream, and egg whites to mixture and mix
6) Dot with Butter
7) Bake at 300 Degrees F for 1 hour – stir every 10-15 minutes until in begins to set
8) Sprinkle with Paprika and Serve

Doubles for family gatherings (15-20 people). Often decrease the sugar by 1/2 and it’s still yummy.


2 responses to “Corn Pudding

    • I love corn pudding and this is the recipe that made me love it. I don’t remember the pudding being too thick. It has been a while since I’ve had this. Maybe this holiday.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


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