Much More Than Jello

Who likes Jell-O? Well, I suppose many out there do because it is still a thriving business. I, however, have never been a fan…. until my mother made this Jell-O recipe for my siblings and I when we were children. Now we like to make it every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter though I’m seriously considering having it around just as a snack. Not gourmet but delicious and easy.

7-Up Raspberry Jell-O

prep time: 8 min
total time: 3 hr – overnight
servings: 20ish

Great frothy Jell-O dish that always goes over well with guests and party goers. Very inexpensive. Great at Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter.

1 double package (or large) of Jell-O (I prefer Raspberry)
1 can of fruit cocktail (can mix with half pack of fruit) or 1 package of frozen fruit or the equivalent of fresh
1 12oz. Can of Cherry 7UP
1 small (8oz) Cool-Whip Lite, softened (make sure this has been in the refrigerator and therefore soft)
1 fairly large mixing or decorative boil to put it in

1. Boil 2 cups of water like the Jell-O box says (I just put the tea kettle on to boil)
2. Dump Jell-O powder into bowl
3. Pour 2 cups of hot water over powder and mix well
4. Mix in all Cool-Whip, will look creamy
5. Put in fruit
6. Pour in entire can of 7-UP (makes a froth)
7. Refrigerate Overnight (best) or for however long Jell-O box says

1. I have used regular 7-Up before and Cranberry Sierra Mist. Both work well and are delicious. Soda should be freshly opened. Flat soda will not have the same result in Jell-O.
2. My dish doesn’t have a measurement on it but I’d say it is 3-4 quarts. Clear is best, it looks nice in the bowl, though the above picture could be better.


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    1. It’s really good. We have family members who would be so mad if you just brought some easy like Jell-O but they forgive you for your lack of culinary expertise when you show up with this Jell-O.


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