Not 100% Pure Orange Juice?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot things on TV or by word of mouth about our 100% Orange Juice not being exactly what it claims to be. So let’s explain the process shall we.

1. The growers pick the oranges and ship them off for processing.
2. They are squeezed and pasteurized. Some are sent for frozen concentrate and others are kept in aseptic storage, which involves stripping the juice of oxygen in a process that is called “dearation.” They are then kept in million-gallon tanks for up to a year.
3. When they are packaging this “Orange Juice” for shipping they add flavor packs, which are taken from orange by product (peel and pulp).

Now different companies use different flavoring which is why Minute Maid tastes so bad (well to me anyway). They use something with a candy flavor.

These flavor packs are created for volatile compounds that escape from the orange. This does enable the juice to have a constant flavor because Orange Juice will separate (but then why do we have to shake it).

But according to Alissa Hamilton (former food and policy fellow at the Institute of Agriculture and Trade), modern tech is so “sophisticated” that what they are creating is not found in nature. “They break it down into individual chemicals. The flavor of orange is one of the most complex and is made up of thousands of chemicals.”

According to ABC News top brands like Tropicana, Minute Maid Simply Orange, and Florida’s Natural (darn it all) are “pasteurized”. While Whole Foods “365” claims not to be.

It is really up to you? Do you want Orange Juice that has been sitting in a tank for a year or do you want the real stuff?

Why is “not from concentrate” so desired? Usually, concentrate simply means the water has been removed. Usually, it means the orange is preserved without effecting the quality of the product. What you are looking for is “Pure Orange Juice”. This means the juice hasn’t been infused with chemicals your body doesn’t need and adding water to it simply means your reconstituting it.

But the decision is yours. Freezer or Frig?



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