7 Layer Bean Dip

7 Layer Bean Dip

Great for parties and get togethers. Always goes over well. Also and easy summer dish you can make just to have around.


  • Refried Beans: 2 16oz cans of beans or 1 30oz can
  • Sour Cream: 16 oz container
  • Cheese*: (we usually buy a large brick and use about half but how much cheese you want is up to you)
  • Lettuce*: about half a head of lettuce
  • Tomatoes*: we usually end up chopping up two, but use only 1 1/2 of large red tomatoes. This also depends on how much you want on the dip.
  • Olives*: 3.8oz can of sliced olives approx.
  • Green Onions*: We only buy 1 bunch and then we judge how much we want. I only use two-thirds of the bunch.


  1. Refried Beans: spread them out flat on the bottom of a 13×9 the dish.
  2. Sour Cream: smooth over the beans like frosting.
  3. Cheese: grate or chop in a little Oscar (appliance) and sprinkle over Sour Cream as desired.
  4. Lettuce: chop as finely as possible and then sprinkle over cheese.
  5. Tomatoes: chop small and scatter over the lettuce.
  6. Olives: rinse, sprinkle over the dish.
  7. Green Onions: chop finely, sprinkle over dish
  8. Serve immediately or keep in refrigerator for a couple hours.


You can mostly use your discretion with these ingredients, you can pretty much use discretion with all the ingredients but this is just how we make it.

Avocado is a great addiction if you think the dish will be eaten.



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