Salsa Verde Chicken

Salsa Verde Chicken

makes several meals worth


3 boneless chicken breasts thawed
1 jar of La Victoria Verde Salsa (best kind)
Minced Garlic, dry is fine


1. Take chicken breasts thawed or frozen. Put them in a crock pot on low.

2. Cover chicken with minced garlic (dry is okay) and pepper. Then pour salsa over chicken. I usually put a little bit of water in the salsa jar to get the remainder of the salsa out and then dump that over the chicken as well.

3. Cook for approximately 6-8 hours or until chicken falls apart.

4. Great over rice, in tacos, on tostadas, on nachos or plain.


I usually put turn this on before leaving for work. I get home a little over 8 hours later and at times have to turn it up to high just to get some excess liquid out. I also use forks to check how tender the chicken is and help the shredding process.



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