To Capri Sun or Not to Capri Sun


So it has become a question on Facebook about whether or not a “worm” or “mold” was found in a Capri Sun. As it stands, people have found mold and the so called worm was actually mold looking like a worm.

Disgusting? Sure. But think of it this way? Is it 100% Juice? Yes, it is and as we should all know by now anything natural is subject to spoiling and should these packets of fruity juice become compromised in the form of the smallest pinprick they then are no longer sealed and have the potential to mold with the introduction of oxygen.

Is this Capri Sun’s fault? Are they trying to make us sick? No, and it a lot of cases the mold is likely not to make you sick but, of course, this can’t be guaranteed. If you have a known allergy to such things I would recommend staying away from the individual size juice drinks and stick with something you can control.

And while the idea of drinking a mold juice is repugnant at best; I’d be far more concerned and less likely to consider purchasing should they contain something like High Fructose Corn Syrup which is a chemical any way you want to spin it.

We need to realized that while preserving food is a wonderful goal, doing it at the cost of our own health by introducing chemicals into our food is not the way to do things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a super health nut but I’ve learned since my days as a child, with a constant stomach ache, when I eat the processed foods that seem to taste like heaven, I suffer; whereas, homemade treats and dishes just don’t have the same effect and often seem more satisfying over the empty chemical filled foods off the shelf.

So 100% juice or something else with chemicals to kill mold? Actually, I think the real question should be what exactly does that chemical that kills mold do when it enters my body?



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