50/50 Bar (Creamsicle) Drink at Starbucks

Ever have a 50/50 Ice Cream Bar? Did you know you can make one at Starbucks in a Frappuccino form?

Me either.

But I did and while it was good for me it was a lot to take but then I’m not a huge fan of the 50/50. I prefer fudgecicles or ice cream bars but that isn’t the point. The point is for those of you who love the 50/50 try this when going into Starbucks:

Ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino mixed with the Valencia Orange Refresher.

My sister and mother loved it and thought it tasted exactly like a 50/50 which makes sense considering what you mix into it.

If you try it stop by again and let me know what you thought?
What is a 50/50 Ice Cream Bar?
Apparently it is very American which didn’t really dawn on me until I was asked.

A 50/50 is vanilla ice cream wrapped in an orange popcicle. I guess it is more commonly known as a creamsicle though I’ve always known it as a 50/50 Bar.





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