24th Day of Christmas: Apple Cider Popsicles!

Happy Christmas Eve! Okay so here is a heads up. At our family gathering, in the country, the wood stove is going and it can get so HOT! I love my wood stove because it is a deeper heat and it soaks into you but sometimes it is just so warm in the house. And... Continue Reading →


21st Day of Christmas: Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate with Melting Snowmen!

So I've had this slow cooker recipe for hot chocolate for a couple of years but it only feels wintry and not as Christmas-y as I'd hoped. But then I found this adorable twist and thought it was necessary to share the whole thing over again. What You Need: 3 cups nonfat dried milk 1... Continue Reading →

19th Day of Christmas: Apple Cider & Apple Cider Floats

Brought to you by Sally's Baking Addiction. A lovely slow cooker recipe for homemade apple cider which I am going to make for Christmas because WOW. And then since you've got the apple cider why not make a float out of it. I've been thinking about this with hot chocolate too. We almost did hot... Continue Reading →

Butter Beer Frappuccino

You will see recipes online that suggest Hazlenut instead of the Toffee Nut and it is up to you which you'd like to try but after trying them we've decided on Toffee Nut though I have nothing to really compare it to. I don't know what a Butter Beer tastes like. I have yet to... Continue Reading →

50/50 Bar (Creamsicle) Drink at Starbucks

Ever have a 50/50 Ice Cream Bar? Did you know you can make one at Starbucks in a Frappuccino form? Me either. But I did and while it was good for me it was a lot to take but then I'm not a huge fan of the 50/50. I prefer fudgecicles or ice cream bars... Continue Reading →

Outlander Kitchen’s “Jamie’s Rusty Nail” and Giveaway

Outlander Kitchen's "Jamie's Rusty Nail" alcoholic beverage and a Natural Soap Giveaway!

Slower Cooker Hot Chocolate

prep time: 10-15 minutes cook time: 2-3 hours serves: 10-12 What You'll Need 1 cup powdered sugar 3/4 cup cocoa powder 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 cup chocolate syrup 1-2 tsp peppermint extract (optional) 7 cups non-fat milk (2% or whole is your choice) marshmallows and candy canes for garnish Mix It Up 1. Combine the... Continue Reading →

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