23rd Day of Christmas: Festive Fudge

Image this.... it is December 23 and a neighbor, friend, parent, or acquaintance gives you a gift you hadn't expected. What do you do? Make them fudge! Okay so it might not work as a gift for everyone but this recipe is DELICIOUS and a big hit so far. Plus it is terribly easy to... Continue Reading →


20th Day of Christmas: Catnip Toys

Okay this is an adorable DIY for kitty though when and where you will do this and they won't know is beyond me. I feel they could smell the catnip a mile away? Don't you think? I suppose you could lock yourself in your room and try making it before the cat realizes the door... Continue Reading →

18th Day of Christmas: Christmas Crunch

Another fun and delicious gift you can wrap up in those lovely Pringles cans. What You Need: 1/2 cup popping popcorn kernels, or 2 bags tend white popcorn 1 12oz bag Vanilla Candy Melts 1 1/3 cups broken pretzel pieces 1 12oz bag green and red Milk Chocolate or Mint M&Ms Red, green and white... Continue Reading →

17th Day of Christmas: Crunchy Cat Treats

Here is another kitty treat which is apparently goes over well with the kitties of everyone's lives. This is brought to you by Design Sponge who's kitties love them and some of her commenters were grateful for them... as were their kitties. So I think they might be something of a hit. What You Need:... Continue Reading →

15th Day of Christmas: Peppermint Christmas Ornaments

I think this is one of my favorite Christmas ideas found online. The credit goes to Hello Homebody who apparently found in in an American Girl magazine a while back. But either way, great and simple idea. Not only that but it is relatively inexpensive to create and give away as gifts. What You Need:... Continue Reading →

14th Day of Christmas: Easy Peesy Reindeer Cookies!

Completely adorable! I found these over at Baker Girl's blog. Had to share them as one of the most fantastic ideas. They are so simple and yet so cute! Not only that but even the young kids could make them and be so proud of themselves. I don't use shortening but it is a straight... Continue Reading →

13th Day of Christmas: Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats

I posted these last year in honor of my childhood dogs birthday. He was a special dog who treated us like his charges. He often took it upon himself to referee us as children so you could count on him to bark at us should we be fighting. Jordache (we named him after the jeans)... Continue Reading →

12th Day of Christmas: Rice Krispie Ornaments

I haven't made these before but what an idea. I stumbled upon this idea at Mommy Savers but I'm not sure I love her recipe over the one we've been making for years but if you are allergic to peanuts then Mommy Savers is good. Plus, I think the idea of these is to decorate... Continue Reading →

10th Day of Christmas: Pringles Gift Cans!

  Okay so for those who give out cookies or maybe Reindeer Chow.... how about Chex Mix or Fudge. Well whatever goodie you give out sometimes you need a creative container to put them in. Something you already have or don't want to get back from the person... why not a Pringles tube? Needed Pringles... Continue Reading →

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