How I Eat Artichokes (Thousand Island Dressing)

There have been a rash of Artichoke sales going on at the local market which prompted me to buy them, cook them and eat them with my favorite dip which is homemade Thousand Island Dressing. And then I realized this isn't the typical way to eat them. My cousins informed me that they've always used... Continue Reading →


Tasty Deviled Eggs to Adorable

I know. I know. Easter is behind us and this is late but I couldn't find my cookbook and this is a tasty Easter addition or even after Easter when you have all the multi-colored hard boiled eggs. PS: I don't recommend eating 4 halves for breakfast just to get rid of leftovers. prep-time: 20... Continue Reading →

Cheoreg: A Holiday Favorite In My Family

Only for the serious baker as this is a very time consuming recipe but is great for family gatherings and to give as gifts. This is a favorite holiday recipe in our family. We tend to make it every Easter (as it is often called Easter Bread) but we often make it at Christmas time... Continue Reading →

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