20th Day of Christmas: Catnip Toys

Okay this is an adorable DIY for kitty though when and where you will do this and they won't know is beyond me. I feel they could smell the catnip a mile away? Don't you think? I suppose you could lock yourself in your room and try making it before the cat realizes the door... Continue Reading →


10th Day of Christmas: Pringles Gift Cans!

  Okay so for those who give out cookies or maybe Reindeer Chow.... how about Chex Mix or Fudge. Well whatever goodie you give out sometimes you need a creative container to put them in. Something you already have or don't want to get back from the person... why not a Pringles tube? Needed Pringles... Continue Reading →

8th Day of Christmas: No-Sew Denim Dog Toy

I wish I'd had the internet growing up because I would have made this lovely toy from my dogs! My dog Jordasche loved tug toys. He'd get so happy when you would tug on them. He'd shake it a little and growl a little but it was all show. He was the biggest softy! I... Continue Reading →

3rd Day of Christmas: Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

  Mason Jar Lid Ornaments You can really make yours however you want and customize them for anyone in your family or a friends you wish to gift on to. Materials Mason jar lid and screw ring Fabric scraps Glue Gun Scissors Twine Image/Cutout/Sticker for the center First, you can find those liked in the... Continue Reading →

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