6th Day of Christmas: Slow Cooker Cheesy Bacon Hashbrowns

My family tends to do Christmas on Christmas Eve. I'm not entirely sure why we continued this tradition which is something instituted long ago when we were kids. It would be only 1 gift on Christmas Eve which generally morphed into all of them and leaving the stocking for Christmas morning because at the time,... Continue Reading →


Easy Potato Peeling…

I don't find peeling potatoes that hard and usually I don't peel them anyway but this is an interesting tip. http://youtu.be/z4W0qIPJmoo

Fantastic Mashed Potatoes

Do you realize in one week American's will be eating their way into a food coma? I can't believe Thanksgiving is nearly here. So here is a great recipes for Turkey Day! This is a large recipe, but has never gone to waste. cook time: 45 minutes servings: 12-15 Ingredients 5 lbs. cooked, peeled, mashed... Continue Reading →

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